Collectivist Culture Vs Individualistic Culture Essay

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Culture is a belief system commonly shared in the society. Every human in a society share a common value and behavior distinct from other people, depending on where one was raised. That being said, I like to compare and contrast three divergent characteristics and describe which one I hail from. Individualist versus collectivist Individualistic culture is a culture where people cherish liberty and privacy and often trust their personal ability to emerge victorious and successful in their endeavors. Whereas, in a collectivist culture, people emphasizes the collective need of the society in general. America is a typical example of an individualistic culture, while Japan exemplifies a collectivist cultural characteristic. McLean (2010). The fundamental differences between an individualistic cultural system and collectivist cultural system is that people raise in an individualistic culture value freedom and they trust that with determination and perseverance, they are well able to wither the storm of life. This ultimately is how they view the world while in a collectivist culture; every focus is on the country. Comparatively, while an individualistic culture strive to achieve…show more content…
In this cultural system, ignorance is not an excuse to deviation of the rule because it is clearly articulated to the notice of all. In contrast to implicit-rule culture, rules are not communicated but rules are naturally understood and a member of the society function accordingly as it is expected of them. People instinctively carry out an obligation with due diligence. While explicit-rule culture does not tolerate deviation from rules, in an implicit-rule culture, the society accepts those who deviate from the understood rule. So it is fair to say that in comparison, explicit-rule culture articulate rules while implicit-rule culture do not but, naturally understands the
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