Brave New World Marxist Analysis

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Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World dives into individuality and the strange effects of stability on humanity. The novel illustrates a revolution inside a utopian world where equilibrium is the main focus of society. Protagonist Bernard Marx believes that freedom is the freedom to be individual from the rest, despising the fact that the world he beholds adopts inadequate methods to generate happiness. Though this sounds considerable and intriguing for most, revolutionary Bernard Marx expresses his vexation towards the government. Marx seeks to control society through the use of manipulation, unsuccessfully attempting to rise from being an outcast to become an active member in the community. Living in a society comprised of flawless people is quite…show more content…
Disturbed, Bernard attempts to manipulate his opportunity of success into coming out, “But you know quite well, John (how difficult it is to sound persuasive at the top of one’s voice!) I asked them to meet you on purpose.” When John refuses to be a project and present himself to the directors, Bernard is left in inferiority, right or lower than where he started. Then again, Marx feels seeks to put himself up from the discomfort of others, “Bernard felt himself at the same time humiliated by this magnanimity—a magnanimity the more extraordinary and therefore the more humiliating in that it owed nothing to soma and everything to Helmholtz's character.” Basically, the fact that Bernard had gained notice in society did not mean that he would find an identity, which was specifically what he envied about Helmholtz. Additionally, Bernard does not have the power to control his friendship with John, as Helmholtz grows his and John’s bond stronger faster than theirs. Overall, Bernard is more interested in excelling socially than in defining his individuality, which fail completely as he ends up being rejected and sent to an island due to his irresponsible and contradicting thoughts against the community. Different from most people, Bernard Marx seeks comfort by the controlling of others. When his connection is established with John, he gains the slightest feel of hope as he believes he has won
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