Homosexuality In Literature

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The next reason for presenting same-sex couples in books for children is the necessity of raising tolerant and thoughtful members of the society who are aware of the existence of different people. It does not concern only homosexuals as people can differ in a various ways such as disabled people, people of color and other religions believers. Therefore, it is important to show their existence not to exclude the great part of the society from children's world view thus depriving them of opportunity to learn more about them and form a respectful attitude to all the groups of people presented in the society. The images of different people in children's literature show them the variety of the world around them thus teaching them to respect other…show more content…
Thus, there are children who become aware of their preferences through the process of growing up. Being convinced that homosexuality is something wrong and condemned through the media, outside opinions and literature they read, these children are more likely to hide their sexual orientation from the society thinking there is something wrong with them. That surely can lead to the higher depression rate among the young people and, moreover, to the increasing suicide rate as 30% of teenagers who committed suicide were gay (Cover 31). Rob Cover claims that the failure to be heterosexual as it is dictated by the social norms can lead to the suicide among adolescentes as they see it as the only way out of the situation they cannot change (34). That are the dire consequences of censoring of the information on the existence of same-sex partners and the development of the belief it is not normal to love a person of the same sex. However, the legal acknowledgment of gay rights contributes to their assimilation in the society and thus to the process of unproblematic children raising and the forming of homogeneous society (Polikoff 597-598). The feeling of belonging and the acknowledgment of the normality of homosexuality lead to satisfaction with oneself and one's life, to better understanding of one's self and thus to the increased quality of life among sexual…show more content…
Yet, this theory does not correspond with that the fact that sexual orientation is genetic (Weill 1). It means that the society cannot consist only of homosexuals as the estimated lever of homosexuality in the general population is only three to four percent for males and one to two percent for females (Weill 53). So it seems unlikely for the modern society to change into the world with the absence of heterosexual marriage as the percentage of homosexuals is not critical and cannot affect the population strongly. Besides, the same-sex couples nowadays have the opportunity to conceive children through the use of modern medical technologies such as extracorporal fertilization or with the help of surrogate maternity or adoption. Surely, the same-sex parents are capable of loving their children no less than heterosexual parents. However, the strong opponent of same-sex marriage legalization psychologist Trayce Hansen claims that children need more than just love and benefit only from the traditional model of family relationships with one male and one female parent that allows them to develop healthy relationships with people of both gender and reduces psychological problems later in life (Hansen 35). However, the adoption of children by
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