Individuality In Edward Scissorhands

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Throughout the development of one’s life, it is imperative that individuals are exposed to new experiences so that they may learn and adapt through the act of self reflection. In the film Edward Scissorhands, directed by Tim Burton, it is evident that Edward Scissorhands lacks the experience of human contact and acceptance throughout childhood. This is displayed when he attempts to combat and overcome his isolation by exploring new emotions and by bringing forth his differences to the conformed town. Edward ultimately comes to terms with his diversity which becomes influential to others as his differences allow others to find their own individuality. When Edward Scissorhands is first introduced to the neighbourhood there is a visible distinction…show more content…
When Edward first entered the town, he quickly gained a popular reputation because of his unusual charms that considerably differ from the norms of society. Rather than the people fearing Edward, their curiosity made them more fascinated in change. The housewives lacked a sense of entertainment and amusement since they followed the conformity of the town by staying home all day while the husbands went to work. When Edward arrived, he provides them with pleasure by artistically trimming their hedges, dogs and hair which further enhances his uniqueness. He is admired for his hedge trimming and hair cutting skills which contributed to the citizens seeking to find their own individuality. This is accomplished through the new haircuts that Edward provided which gave everyone a unique and different look to one another. When Edward cuts Joyce’s hair, the scene is taken from a low angle which made Edward appear in total control while Joyce appears completely vulnerable. This shows that that they did not view Edward as a threat but instead the community appreciated his talents. Not only has their appearances changed but Edward also made beautiful and creative sculptures out of the perfectly trimmed hedges which gave each house its own appeal. Edward’s passion for sculpting represents his inner beauty and creativity which shows that he is capable of creating beauty out of something that has a simple structure. He is able to provide everyone with something that they never had before such as snow in the town. The snow that Edward creates from sculpting an ice sculpture represents his affections towards the people in the town and it shows the change that occurred. He shares his artistic talents in a way that can touch people, because physically he is not able to touch others. Even at the end of the film, Edward continues to make snow, thus leaving his mark on the town which shows

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