Individuality In Harrison Bergeron

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Aristotle once said, “The worst form of inequality, is trying to make unequal things equal.” A major example of this concept of inequality displays itself through humans. Although people may seem similar and equal, each personality and talent differs from one another. Now one might wonder what it would be like if every single person were truly equal. This theme is developed in the short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut, and also in the film 2081 directed by Chandler Tuttle. Tuttle’s film is based off of Vonnegut’s short story, however, through the portrayal of individualism, humanity, and a corrupt government, 2081 depicts a more realistic society than the short story “Harrison Bergeron.” Individualism is a more prominent theme…show more content…
From the beginning, the audience can see that Harrison resembles an average human being, and not as Vonnegut described in “Harrison Bergeron”. The features depicted in the short story included a clown nose, shaved off eyebrows, and scrap metal handicaps, but when he stands on stage to give his speech, he is wearing a white gown and maintains the average human image. Since Harrison appears normal, one can conclude that he is. As he starts his speech he grabs the crowd's attention by saying, “There’s a bomb… I strongly suggest you remain in your seats” for “there’s a detonator in my hand.” Although this statement feels like a threat, Harrison’s intentions were never to hurt anyone, for there was not a bomb under the theater- only a device that sends television signals. Thereafter, Harrison pours out his emotions in his endeavor to, “shine a light, so last, all the world can see” (5). With his influential and powerful words, he demonstrates the humanity inside him with the passion he has to stand up for what he believes is right. However, Harrison’s speech in the short story is insufficient in persuading the reader to console with him, because he proclaims, “I am the emperor,” and “Everybody must do as I say!” A crowd will likely not respond positively if the individual uses this harsh tone.…show more content…
As Diana Moon Glampers, the handicapper general, arises to the podium to give her elocution, the audience can witness her absence of handicaps, which indicates that she is superior to her constituents. In a society that idolizes commensuration, Diana certainly contradicts the equality concept. This level of superiority can be referenced in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell because of his famous quote, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” (118). Since the society in the film 2081 meticulously relates to communist Russia, one interprets it more realistically than the culture in Vonnegut’s story. Opposingly, “Harrison Bergeron” did not include adequate details of the handicaps worn by any of the government officials; however, Tuttle’s film illustrates an authentic society because of the details conscientiously added. Another example of fraudulent government is through the attempted censorship of Harrison’s speech and assassination. The handicapper general does not want the viewers to be motivated by his words or astonished by the action she was about to commit. In comparison to the short story, only one circumstance of censorship was presented, and it was not used to the extent of protecting Diana Moon Glampers’ reputation as it was to cease the chance of future rebellion. Diana’s notoriety
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