Individuality In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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In Fahrenheit 451, Individuality is viewed as a bad thing. More specifically if you have an education you are a threat to society. To prevent education the government wants all books burned, so they can brainwash society to their liking. Why would the government do this? Why won't they let anyone read? People would never know what is actually right and wrong. Montag wants to change this cruel society and spread individuality, the most important characteristic anyone can have. If you have no independent thinking in society, it will become corrupt. You need leaders to have a thriving society and without different outlooks on issues it will take longer to solve the issue. So, individuality should be encouraged not viewed as a threat. In Fahrenheit 451, the main character Montag is brainwashed by the government’s rule, “No reading books.” Montag agrees and doesn't question the rule until he gets his hand on a book and realizes how they open your eyes to the …show more content…

To be happy!" (Bradbury #) Captain Beatty said. I disagree with that statement I believe our country wants above all is equality, freedom, and peace. Due to individuality you can never say, “What do we want in this country,” because everyone has their own individual outlook, you cannot speak for everyone. Individual outlook is essential for society because 2 different minds are greater than 100 equal minds. Individuality separates humans from primitives, individuality makes the world so much better, and individuality is what makes cultures. Imagine the entire world being the exact same everywhere, that would be boring. In Fahrenheit 451 that was the world they are living in, the government created their own definition of good and if anybody was not up to their standard or they disobeyed they were punished. The government expected everybody to be a mirror image to what they wanted. Montag broke that mold and he was going to be punished for it, so he

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