Individuality In The Count Of Monte Cristo

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The individuality of a human can easily be taken advantage of and changed. When people go through many unfortunate events or depression swings, they change completely because they think of a different way of approaching another situation. In The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, Edmond Dantes, a member from the third estate is thrown in jail falsely and all he is seeking is one goal, which is vengence. In The Count Of Monte Cristo, Dumas conveys Dantes as an innocent, loving, and a respectful man changing into a fearless, smarter person to fulfill his life goal.

Old Dantes was a simple, naive human being that only wishes for the best of anyone and always shows love to anyone under any circumstance. Even in the time of someone starving his own father to collect a debt. Dantes still doesn’t show hate to Caderousse who starved his own father. ‘’ … we no longer owe them money.. we still owe gratitude.’’(9). In this situation, Dantes still shows love in one or another way even if they caused an unpleasant time for his loved one. This shows that he was a very respectful and a courteous man that had a pure soul. When someone does something bad to your family and you just let him walk into your house right after that and show no hate towards them. Others don’t feel this way but Dantes would. Dantes was also a sailor that …show more content…

Dumas has made it very clear that Dantes’ view of justice is getting vengeance and he will go to any limit to create misfortune to the people that caused it to him. When people are so simple yet nice, people will try to take advantage of them and try to alter them. If they get farther than them, they will usually hate causing them to go to an extent of doing something to the person. Everyone has a different understanding of justice through the experiences that they have

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