Individuality In The Lego Movie

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The Lego Movie (Lord, Miller, 2014) is an animated film following the story of Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt). An ordinary construction worker, who accidentally becomes the “special”, spoken of in a prophesy. Throughout Emmet’s adventure, we learn the importance of individuality.

The protagonist in The Lego Movie is Emmet Brickowski. Emmet is an ordinary construction worker living in Bricksburg. He lives a very ordinary life that is governed by constant sets of detailed instructions that guide his every step. Emmet lacks defining characteristics that would make him unique. Even the people he works with can’t remember who he is. He is absolutely average and in no way special. Emmet is very much the same as us. He represents a normal citizen that spends his whole life following the rules and not doing anything unexpected. The antagonist is Lord Business (Will Ferrell). Lord Business is a simple villain with a clearly defined goal. He is always in
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The Kragle is a tube of Krazy Glue that is in Lord Business’ possession. Lord Business wishes to glue everything in Bricksburg to prevent any future disorder. While Emmet and his friends try to break into Lord Business’ lair to destroy the Kragle, Lord Business plans on having a Taco Tuesday event where he can affix everyone eternally. Emmet encounters several setbacks when trying to cap the Kragle. When he first learns of the prophecy from Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), Business’ police force finds Vitruvius and come in guns blazing. After a narrow escape, thanks to Batman (Will Arnett), the crew heads to a council comprised of all of the Master Builders. The council is unimpressed with Emmet’s lack of skill, and plan. Once again, the police find Emmet and end up capturing most of the Master Builders and the crew narrowly escapes, this time with Emmet’s double decker

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