Individuality In The Maltese Falcon

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Athanasourelis’s article depicts Sam Spade’s individuality through his actions leading up to Brigid O’Shaughnessy’s conviction. Sam’s initial intentions are to help Brigid avoid the police. Upon coming to the conclusion that Brigid is the only suspect in the murder of Archer, Sam knows he has to turn her into the authorities. The article discusses that although it may seem as if Sam is acting justly, he is truly just turning Brigid in to avoid his own persecution for the crimes others committed. Hammett establishes Sam’s morals frequently throughout the novel by further describing his character as a “hard-boiled detective”. By allowing the reader to hear Sam’s perspective, the readers can more easily understand his morals and how they affect his actions. Sam’s morals are essential within the novel, The Maltese Falcon, because it determines where his true loyalty lies and whether his actions are influenced by greed. This source could be beneficial when writing a research paper because it includes extensive information on Sam’s character and how it leads him to react to circumstances, such as when he must decide whether of not to turn over Brigid to the police.

Walter’s article shows Sam’s great struggle at the end of the
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The falcon symbolizes freedom because in the novel, it explains the falcon as encased in lead and in black enamel. This symbolizes that the riches are hidden beneath and the characters cannot obtain the wealth easily. The falcon is a symbol for the destructive power of greed, because the main antagonists in the novel have been working their whole life to achieve wealth, but the falcon seems as though it is unobtainable. The characters are willing to do anything, even to betray the ones they love for the vast wealth the falcon holds. This article is not beneficial when writing a research paper because it is not particularly
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