Individuality In The Outsiders

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This novel by S.E Hinton, The Outsiders shows a crucial point that everybody is special in some way and should be known as who they are individuality not as a group. The Outsiders is a book that describes 2 gangs , the luxurious Socs, and the hoodlum Greasers. While they have conflicts with each other, the protaganist, Ponyboy, finds his identity outside of the gang. The important message of the story is that everyone has a unique personality that are developed by being in a group of people away from home, this identity can shape anyone’s way of life and the path they may take in the future. First of all, Socs and greasers have a trademark that showed who was part of their gang, Socs are know for Mustangs, Madras, and leather jackets; Greasers…show more content…
When Ponyboy was thinking about what the people in the gang do what they do, he assumed that Greasers and Socs are divergent. Ponyboy thinks to himself, “We deserve a lot of our trouble...both of them have too much energy, too much feeling, with no way to blow it off.” (Hinton 16) This quote has a deep meaning because it shows that the Socs choices are more narrow, displaying that when a Soc does something wrong, they could lose their fame and their luxury. On the other hand, the greasers have boundless choices because they have nothing to lose. They are already at the bottom, so most of the things they do, won’t really change what they already have. In the short story “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunter, Freddie, a normal human being, who had more power than Andy, the Royal who was lying on the floor bleeding, made a choice that decided his fate. Freddie said aloud, “I don't want to get mixed up in this. He's a Royal. We help him, and the Guardians'll be down on our necks. I don't want to get mixed up in this, Angela.” According to this line, Freddie is afraid of another crueler gang, the Guardians, and was apprehensive and decided to leave him alone, this choice notifies us that he was fearful to help a person because he might get himself possibly tortured by the Gruardians and die as well, but this alternative costed a life of another person. This shows that although Freddie had more power and almost nothing to lose, like the Greasers, he didn’t choose to help Andy who was like a Soc that had everything and was more vulnerable to what society thinks about them, especially near the end of the story where he wants to prove that he only wants to be
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