Individuality In The Show Dexter

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The show Dexter, the life story of a man that was scarred from birth and then saved in a sense by his adoptive father Harry Morgan. As a child, Dexter watched his mother get murdered and taken apart piece by piece, this is ultimately his defining moment because the life spilled around him had stained his innocence. He was then “discovered” and adopted by one of the police men who found him. As Dexter got older Harry noticed his tendencies, he saw past Dexter’s mediocre self -sewn curtain. Taught from experience in expertise He saw every bit of a killer, from his experiences he deciphered every message. A boy’s father, knowing better than anyone he could not change him, seemingly decided to nurture every side of him. Thus, a code was created,…show more content…
Throughout this show the viewers see Dexter grow, specifically they see the different themes of some of the seasons. All of which comment on the natural human condition, from selfish individualism, to relationship building trust, onto personal responsibilities than transition to the inevitable sense of love which shows a point that all humans connect on some things, even the darkest most separate corners of the population. In season one Dexter lacked individuality. He was stuck in following his father’s code to the point that he was not growing. Not that it was a failed process, as it is the key factor reassuring how he has not been caught and keeps some kind of conscience. Clearly, he did not know how to be himself while also following the code. He had to fake everything about himself to get by with this billion-pound burden, therefore he took on a different persona. Somewhat like the quiet guy who brings donuts to the office with a charming smile so everyone will like him, Dexter is this individual. He even says himself in season one episode four “I love Halloween. The one time of year when everyone wears a mask... not just me. People think it's fun to pretend you're a monster. Me, I spend my life

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