Individualized Education In Education

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Inclusion is a widely discussed topic in all educational systems nowadays. It refers to placing students with disabilities in age-appropriate general education classes in their home schools, and ensuring that they receive the specialized instruction described by their individualized education programs (IEP's).
According to PD Dr. Friedhelm Pfeifer a senior researcher at ZEW and a lecturer at the University of Mannheim School, inclusion is intended to give all children and adolescents, including those with disabilities, the opportunity of participation in the highest possible quality educational services in the community. Nobody should be left out. In fact, this is a worthy societal objective. It essentially seeks to take these two worlds, regular
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Therefore, the quality of education delivered to children with disability in general education was of much debate. It was noted that of the approximately 71,000 students with special needs in secondary schools, 45% goes to ’Hauptschulen’ which are secondary schools to which any child who attended primary school can go to. In contrast, only one in 10 students who manage to attend the 'Realschule', schools which require higher marks for…show more content…
However, the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Bundesländer (KMK) has published a strategy paper in April 2010. This text focuses on the future of special and inclusive education as well as on teacher training in these areas.
• The need for a new educational campaign to make inclusion a priority in every part of the country as Ulla Schmidt, vice president of Germany's parliament and chairwoman of the "Lebenshilfe" organization for people with disabilities, stressed.
• The need to improve and fine tune the quality of inclusion by developing new forms of instructions and accompanying measures in daily school life to enable the participation of individuals with disabilities, without compromising previous school performance.
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