Individualized Education System

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Are contemporary education system is constantly behind in terms of innovative methods of teaching. One exceedingly outdated method of teaching, is to treat everyone in the classroom as if they have the equivalent skill level and learn in the identical way. This causes students to fall behind the rest of the class since they are incapable of understanding the information being taught. Therefore, I am going to discuss the solution to this problem, which is a further individualized education system in schools. My primary argument will be that If everyone remained to be treated and educated using the same procedures, viewpoints and learning techniques. There are guaranteed to be students that remain unable to comprehend and practice the information…show more content…
These comprise of visual, physical, aural, verbal, logical, social and solitary. The two most commonly used methods in education are verbal, “people that make the most of word-based techniques, scripting, and reading content aloud,”- Justin Ferriman (CEO of LearnDash). In addition to Logical “the people who prefer using logic, reasoning, and “systems” to explain or understand concepts,” - Justin Ferriman. Majority of schools stick to these two methods. This however, is where they are going wrong since it only covers two styles of learning, meaning all the students who prefer visual, physical, aural, social and solitary are left at a major disadvantage. It is extremely cruel and unforgiving to let this go on henceforth why a change needs to be made. Another reason students are incapable to comprehend the information being educated towards them is for the reason that they don’t want to ask questions if they get stuck on a topic. This is partially because the student is uncomfortable around the educator or their peers and is not willing to risk the humiliation that emanates from requesting assistance from a teacher or peer. My solution is to have students be given the choice to select educators that practice styles of learning they prefer. As well as being placed with peers that favor the same learning styles to create a more healthy and open learning environment…show more content…
This is because of everyone having subjects where their understanding is incredibly strong and subjects where they struggle to understand even the simplest of questions. This draws back into the seven different learning styles, if you prefer the physical style of learning you would have a better understanding of sport and recreational subjects. Whereas, if you were to prefer a logical style of learning you will have a strong understanding of maths and science. And so, if a student is struggling with a question, they will find it easier to answer if they can relate towards it. For instance: A student is asked to solve the sum of 3+4, if they struggle to answer it could be because they are not a logical/written learner. Therefore, to solve the sum they make a pile of 3 toy cars and a pile of 4 toy cars, they put the piles together to find the total number of toy cars is 7. They reason they found it easier to use toy cats rather than doing the sum in their head, is because they enjoyed playing with the toy cars, so they didn’t lose interest. Therefor a student’s result is profoundly reliant on whether they enjoy the subject as they are more likely to stay interested, intrigued and

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