Individualized Learning Styles Essay

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‘Individualized Learning Styles’ and class room adaptations : Learning style is an individual's natural or habitual pattern of acquiring and processing information in learning situations. There are following types of learning styles: Visual Learners . They take in information through the eyes. They learn by observing or reading. They are good at visualizing (seeing pictures in their minds) of people, places, pictures and even words, are usually able to give detailed reports of what they have seen. Visual learners learn to read by remembering the shapes of words and sequences of letters. Also, they would much prefer to read something than listen to a lecture about it. These are the people who like to go places…show more content…
They take in information through the sense of touch, by feeling texture and shapes; often takes lots of notes or designs/doodles while listening to lectures or when thinking/reflecting. (And often they’ll never look at notes again, but in order to remember the information they must write to down – it’s their way of reorganising the information.) Tactile learners are in touch with themselves and their feelings. When talking to someone they often touch the person on the arm or shoulder and stand very close, or stand with their hands in their packets or will handle something; Sometimes, instead of taking notes the tactile learners will sit with arms or legs crossed but then when an important point is made they will stroke their sleeve/arms, touch their face or hair…show more content…
They take in information kinetically – through the muscles. The kinesthetic learner needs to move in order to learn; are often called ‘active learners’. They learn best when they can combine use of their muscles with reading or talking. They ‘talk with their hands’; often walk around or just move side to side while talking. Kinetic learners do best in jobs where they can move around a lot; cannot ‘stay put’ for long periods of time; are good at doing things with their hands such as building things or doing mechanical work and are usually good at sports. When sitting too long they begin to fidget and wiggle; they need breaks so they can move around. They much prefer the playground and game field in indoor

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