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WHAT did we explore during this section of class? In the spiritual dimension, I was able to explore many topics that I was never exposed to throughout my upbringing. First I was introduced to the six common faith traditions. Even after this exposure, I am still unable to categorize myself into one of these six dimensions. If I had to choose one that has the most influence over me, it would be the Incarnational Tradition. This faith tradition stands out to me due to the relationship to the sacraments. The next topic answered the question of, “How does faith develop?”. The answer to this question comes through the idea that each person is develops their faith in similar stages. After this section, I really do believe that each person is at a…show more content…
I have so many questions about my faith due to the decisions of my faith not being my own. The area reflected on potential barriers to faith. This section really stood out to me because I was finally able to reflect the reasons why I have been so conflicted in my faith. One of the biggest barriers for me is my experience with the church. Growing up, my church was very conventional and very “needy”. From that moment on, I was unable to enter the church with an open mind. The fourth topic was that of sacred pathways. This area of focus was very interesting to me. I really liked to find the surprising ways that I can connect to God, for example the pathway of Contemplative. Next, was the topic of spiritual disciplines. In this area, I never knew that there were so many components to faith. The idea that there are two different disciplines as well as each having its own list of values. It was interesting to learn the various ways that God can shape us. The last topic was the practice of establishing rhythms with God. This last aspect is important in the way that they are connected to our micro choices that form the habits of our daily lives. In the end, each of these topics expose the fact that each person is in a

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