Individulism In Softball

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Individulism is referred to self relience and personal independence. As a 15 year old high school student, I have not experienced many situations that show true independence, but an experience that I can personally relate to is softball. I have been playing softball for about 10 years now ,and have learned so many valuble lessons. When I think of sports I think of working together as a team and being independent is something that athelets have to do to fufill their journey. Some examples of showing individualism through softball, would be focusing on myself to improve my weaknesses, helping teamates in areas they struggle, coaching young softball players and taking responsibilty to teach them all they have to know to be successful and to have fun. To start off, back when I was around eleven or tweleve years old, I was in a bad hitting slump. A hitting slump is when a player is not in their ¨groove” when they are hitting or for lack of better words, ¨Can´t hit.¨ All of a sudden, myself and everyone else around me was puzzled that I was not hitting like I normally was. Something had changed and it was messing me up big time. After games would be over, I would get really upset with myself because I was not playing like I normally was and it was all in my head as my dad would say. I was just not capable to hit a ball coming at me in the batters box. My swing was like I was taking a shot at a golf ball instead of softball. I felt that I was letting my team down and not

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