Indoctrination Of Youth

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Michelle Thomas ENG 3U1 – 05 Ms. Clark February 5, 2018 The Indoctrination of Youth In a speech in 1935, at the Reichsparteitag, Adolf Hitler declared “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future,” Hitler, like many other political leaders, saw the indoctrination of youth as of critical importance as when Hitler had succeeded in “owning” a complete generation of idealistic German youth with ideas concerning racial and national superiority that was key to Nazi ideology. Those youth were the ones who carried out without question the violence of the second word war. Manipulating youth from a young age was the key to the success of the country during the war. Nazi Germany’s political regime under Adolf Hitler greatly resembles the party in George…show more content…
In both Nazi Germany and Airstrip One, the education received is what leads to the level of belief and acceptance of knowledge of youth. A Nazi curriculum was enforced in schools, but the information delivered depended on the teachers. However, as all teachers had to be appraised/vetted by local Nazi officials, any teacher that was deemed disloyal by officials were removed from the education system and not permitted to teach German youth. Many teachers attended classes throughout the year in which the new Nazi curriculum complete with new changes of information was taught. 97% of all teachers joined the Nazi Teachers’ Association, those who did not during the beginning of the movement were later forced to otherwise they would have there teaching license revoked. Teachers had to always be careful about what they said around youth as they were encouraged to inform the authorities if a teacher were to say something that did not come in line with Nazi curriculum/ideology. In schools, textbooks also underwent changes; biology and history were most affected. History now spoke of the glory of Germany their fatherland and the magnificent feats that the country had accomplished under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. Biology was changed the most, as it…show more content…
In Germany, Hitler youth was initiated not only to bring forth Nazi ideology but also as a source of training for new soldiers of the army. With this organization, Hitler promised a place for the children of Germany to have a place to belong and offer their services to the father land. This indoctrination throughout their childhood ensured identification with the regime until the end of the war. Hitler Youth instructors aimed to produces race conscious Germans willing to die for their Fuhrer and fatherland and were successful in doing

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