Indonesia Dialect Analysis

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The background of urgency of the research
Like we all know Indonesia is one of the countries that has many cultures, religions, and rich of languages. Indonesia also one of the largest country in the world. There are so many regions and it has a lot of cultures, languages and traditions. Society and languages cannot be separated. Because with language we can communicate with each other’s. There must be a relationship between language and region which they live, and every region in Indonesia has a different dialects and it makes us interest to make a research about the differences of dialect and how they pronounce the word. It belongs to our material “Style and Styling”. In this assignment 2, we try to analyze two people from different regions,
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Dialect itself as one of the phenomena of language diversity, it is one of language diversity which is come from the level of the speakers. The understanding of dialect itself is still difficult to define with certainty because of the difficulty of finding the limits that can distinguish between accents and dialect itself. According to Wardhaugh (2006: 40) he state that the understanding of dialect is a subordinate from the variation of the language itself. While the accent, as a part of the dialect, it is common in the regional dialect. Wardhaugh also explains more about the accent (2006: 46) as a pronunciation that has been received.
The pronunciation that has been received by the community became one of the cause of the variations in the sounds of languages. It caused by the language habit that arise and develop in community unconsciously introduced into pronunciation in Bahasa that is not as it should be. In this mini research,

The limitation of our mini research
This mini research is limited to the following problem:
We only analyzed from two people around us. They are from East Java (Malang) and one from East Kalimantan (Samarinda). It means, we just analyze two people from different region in Indonesia. We know that every different region must have different dialects. We cannot conclude that all people from Kalimantan have dialects like that and so did the people from Java. If we analyze more than two people from each different region we may found many differences dialects
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