Indonesia Education Problems

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“INDONESIA MENGAJAR” PROGRAM TO INCREASE THE EDUCATION QUALITY OF INDONESIAN STUDEN IN REMOTE AREAS Indonesia is a developing country with a large population, more than 240 millions of people and still increasing. In a country with that large of populations, Indonesia is facing number of problems. One of the big problems that Indonesia encounters now is in education generally. Financial, corruption, educators issue, school facility, education system, and curriculum are several problems in education that Indonesia need to solve. In the video from TEDx Jakarta 2010, Mr. Anis Baswedan was focusing on educator problems that Indonesia is facing even until now. In Indonesia, the distribution of educator is not spread evenly across the country. Educators are mostly centralized in the cities, especially the cities in Java Island. It was mentioned in the video that approximate 66% of elementary school in Indonesia, mostly in rural area, are lacking of educators or teachers. This problem was not found in either junior high school or senior high school. That can be caused by the number of children in elementary age in Indonesia are so large so is the number of elementary school in Indonesia. So, Mr. Baswedan initiated the program for young Indonesian graduated student to become a young teacher with purpose to escalate the quality of education in remote area of Indonesia. Becoming an elementary teacher is not easy. Compare to high school teachers, elementary teachers need to work

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