Indonesia Old Order Analysis

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The period of Indonesia Government “Old Order” runs about 23 years from 1945 to 1968 under the leadership of the proclaimer of President Sukarno. During the Sukarno administration, Indonesia has two types of economic systems although in practice running the same, namely the system of socialism and command system / government.
Financial economic situation in the early days of independence is very bad, among others caused by the very high inflation, due to the release of more than one currency uncontrollably. Efforts are being made to overcome economic difficulties, among others:
1. National Loan Program implemented by the finance minister Ir. Surachman with the approval of BP-KNIP, conducted in July 1946. Efforts to penetrate the blockade by diplomatic rice to India, made contact with the American private companies, and blockade the Dutch in Sumatra with the aim to Singapore and Malaysia.
2. Economic Conference in February 1946 in order to obtain unanimous agreement in tackling the economic problems is urgent, namely: the problem of production and distribution of food, clothing issues, as well as the status and administration of estates.
3. Establishment of Planning Board (Board Designer Economics) January 19, 1947.
4. Reconstruction and Rationalization of the Armed
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The trigger is G-30-S / PKI in 1965. The situation is increasingly uncontrollable force President Sukarno released Supersemar (Warrant of March) in 1966. The political process fall of President Sukarno was also accompanied by massacres people accused of being affiliated with the Communist Party of Indonesia that is persecuted because of events of the G-30-S / PKI. Hundreds of thousands to millions of people were killed in that turbulent period. At the same time, economic conditions deteriorated. Prices soared as the government continues to print new money to finance the state
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