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There are a lot of religions in Indonesia, but approximately about 88% of people religions in Indonesia are Muslim. Religion is a major part in Indonesia everyone who lives in Indonesia needs to have a religion because it is illegal to not have a religion. Speaking of religion, the most worshiped religion by Indonesians is Muslim. “Muslim was first introduced through Muslims traders of India.” (New world encyclopedia) At first Indonesia’s highest population of religion were Hinduism and Buddhism these religions were first introduced to Indonesia around second and fourth century. “Muslim was first introduced on the fourteen century. It was first introduce from regency” (New world encyclopedia) in Indonesia called Demak it is located in Central Java as well as Banten, Banten is a small island in…show more content…
88% of Indonesia’s population is Muslim. Then we have Protestantism or also known as Christians. 7% of people are Christians Indonesia. 1.7% is Hindu and lastly 0.9% is Buddhist. Most interesting fact is that Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the entire world. Before the Dutch colonized Indonesia, mostly everyone worship the same gods and same religion, which is Hinduism, but after Indonesia got colonized things change. A lot of people start worshiping different religions. “One clear example of the lasting impact of European influence and Dutch colonial power of Indonesian society is the presence of around 23 million Christians currently living in Indonesia.” (Indonesia investments) Hinduism has the longest religion history in Indonesia because it has been the first religion in Indonesia. “However, on most Indonesian islands this chapter in its history has been erased by time or conquest.” (Indonesia investments) Mostly Buddhist in Indonesia is Chinese that lives in Indonesia. Buddhist is spread to the whole south Asia through trade’s networks and more. One Buddhist temple in Indonesia is Borobudur. Long time ago the temple was build for the

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