Rainwater Harvesting System

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As a developing country, Indonesia also suffer water scarcity in term both quantity and quality. The water scarcity drive to find another water resources that is cheap and easy to obtain. One of the water resources that can be used is rainwater by applying the rainwater harvesting system. Collected rainwatercan be used to replace and reduces the use of groundwater or tap water. Rainwater Harvesting System performance is strongly influenced by rainfall, water demand, and the storage tank capacity. The main objective of this study is to find the correlation between rainfall, water demand, and the storage tank capacity. Correlation is expressed by a non-dimensional parameter which is represented by the curves and equations based on tank capacity…show more content…
The rainwater quality is considered met the standard of clean water so there is no additional treatment required.The algorithm in the RWH system is described in Figure 4

Figure 3. Algoritma sistem RWH

3.1 RWH System Performance

The initial stage is to design a system that will be used to see the potential of rainwater and water needs that exist in any time frame. The model is used to simulate the flux of water in the storage tank for a period of 24 hours (daily). The size of the storage tank is adjusted to the volume of rainwater to be accommodated which will be simulated throughout the observation period (data length).
RWH system performance can be represent by the indicator of the reliability and efficiency of the tank which can be expressed in units of time or volume (Fewkes and Butler, 1999a). In this study, the system performance is expressed in 2 non-dimensional parameters, namely in volume units where the volume of rain water that can meet the water needs (volumetric reliability, VR) and in time units (TR) where the number of days that the water needs are met with RWH system
V_R= (∑_(t=1)^T▒Y_t )/(∑_(t=1)^T▒D_t ) x 100 (7) (8)

Dengan :
VR = Volumetric reliability atau water saving efficiency
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After determining the significant parameters affecting RWH system that is water demand (demand), rainfall, storage tank capacity and wide catchment area, some relationship analysis between parameters is done by testing some equations. From several equations that have been analyzed, it is concluded that the most appropriate non-dimensional parameter relationship to represent the performance of the system is if the demand is divided by the area of catchment area and rainfall. The relationship is expressed

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