Indonesian Cultural Openness Analysis

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The Challenge of Cosmopolitanism and World-Mindedness for Indonesian Cultural Openness in Globalization Era Edi Purwanto Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, University of Bunda Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia Email: Lelly Christin Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, University of Bunda Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia Email: Abstract: Purpose – to proof that although Indonesia society has cultural openness characteristic, and although the cultural openness has impact on consumer cosmopolitanism, but it does not move Indonesian people into world-mindedness people. Design/methodology/approach – A questionnaire was used to collect data with four items of cosmopolitanism, four items of world-mindedness…show more content…
And although cultural openness led Indonesian into cosmopolitanism perspective, but cosmopolitanism itself can’t change Indonesian people to be world-mindedness people. Originality/value – the result of the study provides new evidence about the effect of cultural openness on cosmopolitanism, and both cultural openness and cosmopolitanism are not always has effect on world-mindedness view. The finding of the study shows that Indonesian people recognize West in advances of technology and economic, but Western culture cannot remove the local culture so people lose their identity and become a world-mindedness. Keywords cultural openness, cosmopolitanism, world-mindedness,…show more content…
And there are at least four forms of responses toward globalization, namely: (1) accommodation, which local ethnic and communities accepts the globalization and enter or more extremely absorbed into global dynamic; (2) revitalization that happens when local culture and ethnic communities use the elements of modernization and capitalism to reinforce and revitalize their culture and identities; (3) revivalization of certain ethnic and culture groups emerges when they oppose the globalization by reinforcing their ethnic and cultural traditions; and (4) resistance, which it is a form of total refusal and opposition of local ethnic and cultural communities to modernization or

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