Indonesian Leadership Theory

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The diversity of the local culture in Indonesia is a priceless treasure. Several cultures in Indonesia are the basis for most existing behavior in Indonesian organization. The behavior of individuals, groups, and organizational always related and influenced by the local culture. According to these condition, a lot of theory and science especially in the organizational behavior issues resulted of a study overseas that adopt the values and culture from the each region. One of the many individual behaviors that attract most intention at this time is on the leadership theory. Discussion regarding leadership theory now increasing and deeper until specific characteristics of norm and value from culture. Seeing these developments it is necessary to…show more content…
There are five approaches of leadership theory categorized by Yukl (2005), namely (1) the characteristic approach; (2) behavioral approach; (3) the influence-power approach; (4) situational approach; and (5) an integrative approach. In the theory of leadership, the earliest known is genetic leadership theory with its famous expression "a leader is born, not made" which mean a person was born with innate leadership qualities, and does not need to learn these qualities because he already has the nature or character of being a leader who inherited genetically from parents. Another leadership theory which also widely known is trait theory (Robbins and Judge, 2007), which states that the greatness of the leader's character determine the effectiveness of his leadership. Leaders must have a "trait" or superior and special qualities, including personality, physical excellence and social skills, to form an effective leader and produce good leadership qualities. The limitations of the "trait" theory encouraged researchers to develop ideas on how to increase leadership effectiveness by examining leader’s behavior or "behavior". This behavior leadership theory discusses how to behave in leading effectively, no longer just that has the ability to

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