Indoor Recess Research Paper

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Recess is detrimental to the learning experience of all children no matter the age. One of the major ways that it impact on the domains is in the cognitive and academic benefits. After a period of concentrated instruction a child needs a period of interruption for optimal cognitive processing (Crucial Role). This does not meaning changing from one task or subject matter to another this means the child needs time to interacting with other children in a way they want too. Whether this is indoor recess or outdoor recess or even a time period for the child to talk to another student it is detrimental to their ability to learn. Though that time for recess gets smaller in the upper grades that students still will benefit in optimizing their cognitive…show more content…
Middle level is a crucial time period for these students they are figuring out who they are inside and out. They are also still forming. We know from research that a student in the middle level still has a tailbone that is fusing. This means that it can hurt for them to sit still for a long period of time or even a short period of time. As a middle level teacher knowing that, recess or a break can be very important for them and their physical health. A recess in the middle school could look like a time where students can go outside and walk the track or socialize with their peers. Middle schoolers need to socialize as well and this break period is a perfect time for them to do it. This will help them feel more comfortable in the class as well as be ready to focus on the next task at hand. This could also look like an activity time when student get to choose whether they want to play kick-ball, soccer or walk the track giving them the option to choose what they want to do, but still getting them up and active to help promote learning in the classroom at its highest
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