Essay On Induction Day

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20thOctober, early morning I went to MDX to meet their staff and students, as part of my project I was supposed to do research about MDX in DXB. I was standing in Block 16 – Ground Floor, asking my photographer to click pictures for all the trophies won my MDX in the past years, I happen to see a student coming out of the Admission Office with a file in his hands. I then thought of inferring information from this stud looking guy, with piercing and jeans below his hip and a t-shirt with quotation “Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen – Bob Marley”. I called him “excuse me”, he continued walking I ran towards him outside block 16. I stopped this 6feet tall guy and I said “Hi, my name is Rija. If you don’t mind can I take your interview?” He said “Umm..…show more content…
Next day they drove from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, that 90minutes drive his dad wasn’t still sure but was expectant at the same time. After meeting the admission officer his father Mr. Jeffery was optimistic and happy now. Daniyal mentioned that he filed an application form and was given “Induction Day”. I promptly asked “What’s Induction Day?” to which he answered that on Induction day; students are invited to get details about the university itself and the major they chose. “Students get a bag with USB, brochures and Induction Book which has your student ID on, though its time consuming but it’s worth the time” – He added. “On induction day they take you to a hall known as “Oasis Hall” they explain you about their activities, system and then eventually student council are divided respectively into different majors holding different banners with name of the course. They drop you to your esteemed class and therefore your future lecturers give you details about your Major” – Daniyal explained. He even got the location and time for his first class. According to Daniyal the admission process doesn’t end
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