Inductive And Cosmological Argument Analysis

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Of the four categories of argument for the existence of God, the inductive and the cosmological arguments are the most persuasive. These arguments are effective because they utilize reason based on psychological patterns and scientific principles. Undeniable psychological patterns have been recorded to exist amongst the human race, and with these patterns, arguments can be made from a psychological viewpoint. One such argument is the beneficial effects of religious belief on people. Why would believing in a higher power create a positive effect on people if there was not any truth behind the belief? Those who object to this argument would say that the positive benefits of religious belief occur due to the placebo effect; however, this can disputed by the question of if religious belief is placebo in place of the real treatment, then what is the real treatment, and if the real treatment is materialistic, then why is it not old as happiness itself and why does the positive effects that it stimulates dissipate over time? This means that the positive effects have to stem from something or someone that is eternal and is not a part of the material world. Science has been stigmatized as the rival of religion because of its presumed ability to contradict religious beliefs; however, this stigma is a myth. Science and religion can work hand in hand in a similar fashion as reason and faith. This is why scientific reasoning can be used to form conclusive arguments about the existence of God. The most recognized arguments…show more content…
The ability to reinforce the existence of God and the ability to refute arguments of His nonexistence is becoming increasingly necessary in the life of Christian, which is why one has to arm themselves with different argument for the existence of Christ, and two of the best justifications for the existence of God are probable argument and cosmological arguments because they intersect with reasoning found in scientific observation and psychological
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