Inductive Approach In Qualitative Research

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Research Approach
For this research, an inductive approach can be used as this fits the Interpretivist research philosophy. Inductive approach is based on learning from experience through observations of patterns, regularities to reach conclusions. According to (Thomas 2006), this approach provides an easily used and systematic set of procedures for analysing qualitative data that can produce reliable and valid findings though is not as strong as other analytical strategies.

Inductive approach is associated with qualitative method data collection and data analysis which is through interviews. Questions can be open-ended, and the type of analysis is narrative and comparisons. As this research question has not been explored before, the inductive
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(DiCicco-Bloom and Crabtree 2006) in their journal stated that mixed methods in which both qualitative and quantitative approaches are integrated are needed to contribute to a rich and comprehensive study. Mixed methods with qualitative approaches such as interviews can be an integral component of an evolving study process that is responsive to emerging insights.

The primary quantitative evidence will be conducted through survey and other financial indications. The financial performances of intermediaries whose financial statements are publicly available. In additional, shoppers would be surveyed to understand the online and offline shopping behaviours and how e-commerce has impacted the consumer shopping behaviours.

As stated in (Zhou et al. 2007) research, the most common quantitative research method used is survey. Since the research is exploratory by nature, most variables are measured by survey questions that deals with shopper’s perception, attitude and intention both online and offline.

The advantage of survey is, it is easy to execute, monitor and enables a broad range of data collections from a large number of respondents. The questions are closed-ended. The set backs of surveys are that the respondent may not answer honestly or accurately. They may also not answer some of the questions, resulting in data errors due to incomplete

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