Inductive Approach In Research

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There are two types of research approaches, which are inductive and deductive, the selection of which is reliant on the context and nature of the study. The two of the research approaches are discussed below:
3.1.1. Inductive Approach
Inductive is the research approach that makes use of the studies that moves from the specific perspectives to the general perspectives due to which it is also known as bottom-up method. The aim of this method is to develop new theory about the subject with the support of considering the content that is provided in precedent studies. The inductive approach considers only precedent studies for gathering information on the research. Therefore, this research approach is not used as it is not aimed at developing a
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A cohort study is the one that is conducted over a certain time involving participants that are united through some similarity or commonality. For the qualitative framework, cohort studies gather data by making use observations and precedent studies. While under the quantitative framework, cohort study makes use of statistical approaches for analysing responses obtained from the specialised subgroup. Moreover, in this research design focus is on both open and close-ended questions for gathering relevant information from the participants. In addition to this, this research design measure causes and effects occurred over a certain time. However, the focus is on the use of either secondary or original data in the design, which makes the approach irrelevant or unsuitable for the considered study. Furthermore, for completing cohort studies requires a long time, as the researcher has to wait for the conditions of the interest due to which the variables might change influencing the validity of the…show more content…
This is the most commonly used strategy because it does not involve much time or effort and contributes in gathering the data which can be linked with the purpose and aim of the study successfully. Moreover, through the survey, the researcher can understand the perspective of the participants regarding the research problem, which ultimately contributes in gaining insights and recommending solutions. Furthermore, surveys are less costly as compared to others because it comprises of mobile and online surveys, which possess very little cost per respondent. There are different modes such as paper, email, telephone, online, and social media, which investigator focuses for administering the research context. In addition to this, surveys are the effective modes for analysing the data because it helps in collecting limited and specific information from the selected participants through contributes in obtaining reliable conclusions. Therefore, in this study, the focus is on the use of survey as the research strategy in order to gather the information from the selected participants. The researcher uses online survey in which a questionnaire of close-ended questions is given to the participants (Khan,

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