Industralization In The Early Twentieth Century

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In the early twentieth century the United States went through a emense growth due to the amount of jobs that were avalibale for people through industralization like railroads, coal mining, and steel. Industralization pushed farming aside and independent agriculture and instead focused on factory production as the new way for the economy and draw more people towards a new working class. Industralization influenced many Americans because they were “ Drawn to factories by the promise of employement, a new working class emerged in these years, between 1870 and 1920, almost 11 million Americans moved from farm to city, and another 25 million immgrants arrived from overseas”(Foner, 2017). Industralization was a huge part of peoples everyday lives and was essential that people work so that products can be made and be carried out by city to city. Americans were influenced by the new series of technological innovations that were…show more content…
A group known as the Knights of Labor came together “ To put forward a wide array of programs from the eight-hour day to public employment in hard times, currency reform, anarchism, socialism, and the creation of a vaguely defined “cooperative commonwealth”(Foner, 2017). Working challenges was a huge challenge for workers throughout the nation because tons of people were dying or couldnt properly function in the work place because they were so tired. The labor movement helped threaten government 's power and gave hope for the American workers for economic rights for everyone. However by 1886 thinks did improve the Declaration of Independence was rewritten based on the alienable rights and conditions of life, liberty, etc. American workers wanted to seek freedom and change to gain control over their working lives and things were starting to look up for them when the Declaration of Independence was
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