Industrial Age Benefits

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The American Industrial Age was a period of time which was actually a good era, many great advantages happened that are now here to help us today. When the economy grew and so did the country. There were inventions that would eventually help the country 's economy, not only that but also help expansion. Many benefits for America happened such as, the inventions of the light bulb, cars and railroads as well. Steel making , and electrical power railroads expanded significantly, bringing every single part of the country into a national market. With all this, there was also way more jobs available. Although there was a lot of good inventions to helps us, there was also bad events going on within all these good things going on such as the children…show more content…
This would provide a better and faster way to get to your destination. It also helped the people expand throughout the country and get things shipped faster. This created the expansion of of telegraph wire, the railroads ran miles and miles across the U.S, throughout the year there telegraph wire went up from 1835 till 1890 putting together thousands of workers for a long amount of time not only to build the railroads but to also make and run the steam engines. They also needed huge amounts of steel and materials in order to build the railroad. This helped especially for the person producing steel, this helped, the economy was boosted once there was more jobs. Railroads were a way to get to your job faster, they were a very positive…show more content…
They would start at young age and had to to get up early from 6 til 8 in the night, getting paid less than a $1 a day. many children had to choice than to work, they didn 't even get enough money nor food or even an education. Only 2% would actually graduate from school, but they were most likely to somehow be rich since they didn 't pay children good at the time. Although this did help the economy it was very dangerous and employes did not have rights. Besides that if children didn’t follow the rules the company had they were beaten so they could learn. THis was one of the worst things at the time, children would spend the rest of their life working and not having an education. Although this did help the economy because they were producing cotton to sale. the children were being mistreated and getting abused and
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