An Essay On Industrial Culture In India

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Industrial Culture in India
Every country in the world is concerned about its economic development .The fruits of such development arise to the country with technological and educational development. These technological and educational changes get reflected in the society. And these social changes lead to new culture. Development of science and technology led to a rapid industrialization in India. Our lives are dependent on industries because industries provide goods, employment and services which satisfy our wants.
Increasing Demands by people
Great changes are brought about by the industrial development in India. The increase of education and agricultural production has gone up which has given rise to luxurious living even in rural areas. The increase of mass media, TV, newspaper, etc has initiated the consumerism in India. With mass production of new goods and services there is high increase in consumerism and hence there is an increase in
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The people become more self-centered and more materialistic. The idea of life correlated with the maximization of abilities, potentialities, capacities reflecting into their power and authority. Their perspective towards life is materialistic as money, which leads to adopt foul means to accumulate more wealth. The approach towards life is more practical and hence they accustomed to work like machines from morning till evening.
Social Consequences of Industrialization
The industrial culture split society into two segments. The capitalists or the ‘haves’ and the workers and labours or the ‘haves not’. The haves always wanted to earn money on their initial investment in the industries. Whereas the haves not became conscious about their demands and facilities, which result into direct confrontation in form of lock-out and strike. And hence a middle path of “Industrial democracy” was adopted.
Impact on Social
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