Industrial Engineering Purpose

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Statement of Purpose

Hailing from a family of engineers and entrepreneurs, I was naturally inclined towards Science and Mathematics from my early school days. My excellence in these subjects were clearly established when I participated and won various Science and Mathematics Olympiads. Without an iota of hesitation, I opted for the science stream during my high school.
It was my father who first introduced me to the field of supply chain management. He retired as a Purchase Officer, after he retired voluntarily from the Indian Army. He was an integral part of the industry’s Supply Chain. All of his daily workplace experience narration compelled me to seek knowledge outside the realm of pure sciences and engineering. Egged on by my parents
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I chose Industrial Engineering and Management, accredited by the NBA Tier 1 (Washington Accord), offered at BMS College of Engineering. My undergraduate program was a judicious mix of theory and practice. Fascinating subjects like Operations Research, Materials Management, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Production Management and Operations Management boosted me into learning these subjects in depth. This keen interest has been reflected over my score. I have secured a cumulative GPA of 8.62 out of 10 so far.

All through my academic program, I had this desire to work on alternative sources of energy for conserving the environment. Under my mentor, as a complex final year project, I lead my team in designing and developing a device to generate energy purely based on magnetic energy, a non polluting form of energy.

During my stint at BMS College of Engineering, I had the opportunity to visit a couple of the best industries in India like Bosch and Rail Wheel Factory (Indian Railways). These visits gave a further insight on Automated Flow Lines and various aspects of Material and Inventory
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Being a reputed 100m sprinter and a successful leader of the School and College Basketball team reflects my personal interest towards sports. In addition to sports, being the School House Captain and a Class Representative, various responsible tasks were imposed upon and have completed these tasks successfully. These activities give me valuable experience as well as satisfaction of hard work and exhibit my personal characteristics as an effective communicator, a responsible leader and an efficient team
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