Industrial Property: The Four Types Of Intellectual Property

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Intellectually property refers to creation of ideas such as inventions, literary and artistic works and symbols, names, and images used in commerce. Intellectual property divided into two categories such as industrial property and copyright. Industrial property obtains patents for invention, trademark, industrial designs and geographical indication whereas copyright includes literary works and artistic works. Literary works such as novels, musical works and others whereas artistic works such as paintings, architectural design and others. Copyright-related rights include performing artists performing in performances, producers of phonetic symbol and broadcasters in radio and television programs (WIPO, 2003, p.2). There have four types of intellectually…show more content…
Abbott & N. Pendlebury, 1996, p.215). The copyright is the legal and only right to publish and sell the literary, musical, dramatic or artistic creation to authors, composers or publishers (Joel Leach, n.d., p.4). However, copyright did not to protect the inventions or the name of the author give to their product or service. For the copyright does not protect an idea, but quietly the tangible expression of the idea in some physical form (Newcastle Libraries and Information Service City Library, 2012,…show more content…
For the musical work consist music but not included any words for singing, speaking, or playing with music. Next, the artistic work is not extremely care with the artistic quality whereas it concerned about the graphic works, sculptures and collages (Ewan Macintyre, 2012, p.684). For the ownership of copyright there has difference between the author of the work and the owner of copyright and these will be extremely important to note it. The copyright ownership is initially attributed to the author. However, there are two excluded general rule such as the author was the committee under a service contract or apprenticeship, or the work was created in the course of their work, the copyright is assigned in the employer or the Commissioner. These two exceptions are subject to any agreement of the opposite. The owner of the copyright has empowered to assign or license the right. For instance, the assignment or license must be in writing (Malaysian Intellectual Property Association,

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