Organizational Psychology Vs Industrial Psychology

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Individual competencies versus Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Work place can be a frustrating place to be for many people. It requires many people to do a particular task, and that industrial-organizational psychology is needed at that time to help solve a looming crisis. Industrial-organizational psychology deals with the development and application of scientific principles at the workplace. It is a field (scientific) where researches develop theories and test how people feel, think and act while at work. The field is also known for applying psychological principles to workplace with a goal of making workers better and performing as by the workplace requirement. Worker competency on the other hand is an important factor
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This brings us to those who are tasked with implementing industrial and organizational psychology, the psychologist (Zedeck 35). There work is a gruesome one because it involves more than understanding the workers, but also their psychological needs. Having all those, helps the psychologist in determining if the worker needs counseling or they are ok with it.
To better understand this concept, industrial and organizational psychology is split into two that is industrial psychology and organizational psychology. Industrial psychology focuses on the individuals and their relationship with the workplace like job analysis, safety, training, performances and other related functions. While organizational psychology focuses on the business as a whole like production and performance of the organization (Landy and Conte 15).
The career in industrial-organization psychology requires several years of studying, by starting with general psychology and mastering on industrial and organizational psychology at a later date. After that, one obtains an entry level position within an organization, but one can be guaranteed of a job if they continued with their studies.
Why do we need I/O
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The best way to deal with the workers is to clearly help them face certain fears they come face to face with daily. The entire organization and the industry will benefit from the above research in various ways. There will be an increase in production as well as the worker being satisfied. This literature suggests that there is extensive consensus amid policymakers and researchers across the field say that the key competencies that personnel require in the 21st century, yet little evidence of the relationship between these competencies and individual affects the organizational
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