Industrial Revolution And Imperialism Essay

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There were many human rights violations committed by empires on colonies in Africa. Most of these were rationalized by mercantilism. Mercantilism led to trade restrictions which stopped the growth and freedom of colonial business. 52. Urbanization led to overpopulation Urban growth led to greater poverty but local governments were able to provide service for everyone. The concentrated energy use led to greater air pollution which impact human health. 53. Socialism led to the right to vote Socialism led to the right to vote because women finally got the education about socialism. They learned to stand up for what they believed in and they believed they should have a right to vote, a voice in our country. Women now have a greater interest in political and economic topics because they have learned what it is. 54. Nationalism led to imperialism Nationalism is being…show more content…
Industrial revolution led to the affect the role of science had in large society Once the industrial revolution came, science methods became more common by factory owners. Science brought up new ways to improve machines and production. Scientific practice slowly worked its way down to the lower class. It also caused a conflict between religion and reason. 66. Industrial revolution led to the influence world trade overall The industrial revolution created new markets, it increased production and the importation of raw meets became more frequent. New technology such as railroads and the steam engine sped the time up for many things. This made trade increase all around the world. 67. Protestors led to the Hungarian revolt In Hungary in October, many protestors went on the streets demanding for a more political system and they wanted freedom from soviet oppression. Nagy went to soviet troops and asked for peace and they agreed. Then Nagy wanted to push the revolt and make it a one party rule. After then happened the fighting started. 68. Clash of Danish and German nationalism led to German Danish
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