Industrial Revolution Dbq Essay

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The Industrial Revolution was a very big part of our History. It brought lots of new inventions and products that society had never thought could be possible. The Industrial Revolution also brought in new medicine and medical equipment allowing people to live longer lives. Before the advancement in medicine if a person was in a coma then they were thought dead, and usually buried alive. The Industrial Revolution was a great part in our society because of more jobs, faster more efficient transportation, and many new inventions. An effect that the industrial revolution brought was many new job openings due to the population boom, and the increase in product production. “I think that the factory is the best place for me and if any girl…show more content…
“As the Industrial Revolution spread to the United States, plants such as this textile factory appeared.” (Document 3) Textile factories were a big part in the rapid growth in product production. Textile factories produced clothing and other items that required cloth or cotton. If textile mills weren’t around then the U.S. would have to import all of these items making the economy go down. “In the graphic showing different methods of manufacturing, the cars were being made faster than anywhere else allowing the U.S. to export more than import.” (Document 4) The car was highly wanted for faster transportation and every day use. The faster production rate on the car was great because it now allowed a U.S. citizen to get one right away, instead of waiting for the car to be made. “An excerpt from The Working Man’s Companion, Every day is adding something to your comforts” (Document 9) During the Industrial Revolution products were being made rapidly, therefore what felt like every day, brought something new to society. This meant that people were getting jobs for the rapid increase in product production as well. Products being made faster and more jobs were a big part to the U.S.’s success, but faster more efficient transportation was also very
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