The Role Of The Industrial Revolution In The Victorian Era

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The Victorian Era was a time period were Queen Victoria ruled over all of Britain and its colonies. This took place during the years of 1837 and 1901, this event of time was a great time for technology and the economies of many nations but most importantly Britain. Many things happened all over the world during this time that was triggered by Britain like industry, British wars and major event changing wars, and also other nations and their economies the rise and fall of some nations. First, the industrial revolution took place during the Victorian Era, new inventions that made time-consuming jobs be much faster and more efficient. The more factors in cities and towns caused rises in populations and uses of new kinds of workers. New inventions like the ‘spinning jenny’ that was made in…show more content…
In 1864 a man by the name of James Hargreaves made a new machine that makes eight threads of cotton instead of spinning one thread. Another invention of the industrial revolution was the ‘Flying Shuttle’ it allowed a single weaver to weave much wider fabric it was also able to be mechanized for automatic loom machines. The ‘Flying Shuttle’ was patented by John Kay, it greatly sped up the hand process and halved the labor force. In 1868 a combination of rollers and spindles with the spinning to create the ‘water frame’. The ‘water frame’ was an easy way to create cotton, it was able to create 128 threads at a time. It was an easier and faster way to make threads ever before. During the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries had experienced economic setbacks, but during the next few centuries had experienced dynamic development. The power loom in many cities and towns caused many places like Landshire, England power looms soared in 1813’s power looms were only 2,400 to 1829
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