Industrial Revolution Effects On Family Essay

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The Industrial Revolution changed the family in many ways, like location, quality of life/appearance, and what children did for fun. Families that lived in the villages or country side had to move to the city and leave old traditions behind because the city was crowded and dirty compared to the country side where the air was clean and there was room to run and play. Before the industrial time, families would tend their own gardens, worked from home or a small shop, and raised a few farm animals; in other words, they were their own boss working at their own pace. It was a clean place with all the family well dressed. When the Industrial revolution first started, there were no law to regulate or rules to structure, so children as young as…show more content…
It weakens children’s future capability in all society’s major tasks, like family, school, religion, marketplace and government. The children have a higher chance of divorce themselves, less likely to stay in a committed relationship, and the earlier loss of virginity. Teenagers have a higher chance of dropping out of high school or not going to college. Many will question the religion they grew up with and more likely of staying at home then move out on their own. One-parent families impact the children, whether it is the mother or the father. Though the ideal family situation is having both parents to love and support the children, in today’s society it is more and more common to just live with one parent. There are many statistical down sides but at the end of it all, the children become more independent and learn on how to work with their parent and not against them. violence impacts a family by installing fear, either fear from a male or a female depending on where the violence is coming from. Affecting their trust in people and future relationships with others. Runaway children impact a family by influencing the dynamic of the family. If the family has many children, the attention might be split unnecessary or become a bad influence on younger
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