Industrial Revolution In Education Analysis

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Education plays a vital role in shaping the future generation. Education can be a medium to develop one’s full potential and how it can be used to contribute to society later on (UNESCO, 2001). That is why it is necessary for a child to be educated during the early stage of its life. As they grow up, education is inseparable from one’s life. It became the means that will lead to prosperous and happy life.

However, when the world starts to evolve, education will be evolving too to prepare the generation in facing real world’s challenges and tribulations. Every part of the generation must participate to make sure that there is no one who will be left behind in education. The revolution in education is due to advance development
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It is all about the application of technology as an aid of learning lifestyle. Learner must grow and improved their own skills and knowledge and it will be more than just writing and reading. They must create their own sets of quality skills in responding to Education 4.0.
In facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we need to make sure our education is capable enough to prepare the future generation. Puncreobutr (2016) stated that individual needs to possess life skills and creating-innovation skills to adapt the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Life skills such as leadership, collaboration, creative, literacy in both digital and information and media, communication, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, problem-solving and teamwork. While, creating-innovation skill such as critical thinking, design and selective thinking, productive and problem-solving thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, responsible thinking, social-consciousness thinking and scenario
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The Malaysia Education Blueprint will be more balanced and holistic to produce high quality of graduates equipped with skills as well as job ensuring. The shift in education system is to ensure the future employment for our graduates (Mohd Zain et al., 2017). Malaysia Higher Education 4.0 (MyHE 4.0) has been introduced in riding the Fourth Industrial Revolution wave. They emphasized on the 4Cs that supported the industry 4.0 skills which are communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. Besides that, for all fields of study, the programming and information and communication technology (ICT) should be compulsory subjects for the students (Sani
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