Industrial Revolution: The Most Important Events In History

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The most important event in history: Industrial Revolution Context The industrial revolution was the most significant event in history, which started around the eighteenth century towards the nineteenth century in Europe. This great event was the fastest spreading event in human history. The capacity of economy and population growth was unexpected especially at the areas in which it flourished. The industrial revolution benefited almost everyone around the world and brought about new social classes, large cities and countless new innovations including medical discoveries especially in Britain, which based its scientific innovations on experiments and practical work rather than theories and logic, are the great outcomes of this still going event. Introduction The industrial revolution was the cause of innumerable social, political and economic changes in both states that experienced the revolution and states that did not. During the industrial revolution various states experienced rapid urbanization, promoted countless technological innovations, improved their economy and political status and finally changed their social structures. During the industrial revolution multiple people moved from the country sides into the cities. This vast movement cause rapid urbanization which resulted in the creation of large cities. The people moved to the cities in search of new life styles and jobs. And some were pushed out of their villages, for instance, Britain had a commercial
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