Industrial Revolution Turning Point

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The industrial revolution the greatest turning point “Transformation” of American history.The industrial revolution changed how the way people lived and many aspects of their daily lives.Poor living and working conditions eventually will lead up to the creation of America to benefit Americans in the progressive era, New Immigrants, factories and working conditions. The United States used to be the number one place for immigrants to come because of the stories they heard about all the jobs that were available and all the opportunities. This made people all around the world to come rushing into the States. However, they were other reasons why people came to America. People like the Jewish would come to the States to escape religious persecution…show more content…
This was called the Homestead Act where the government was giving 160 acres of land in the Midwest as long as they farmed the land for five years. This made many people come to the United States because they knew they wouldn’t be able to get that huge amount of land back in Europe since only the rich were able to have that much land. Only a handful were able to get land because they had not known that it was limited so it was literally first to come first serve. This broke the dreams of many who had believed that they were going to have their lives changed for the better with the land, but when they found out they were heartbroken because they traveled so far for nothing. Families also suffered a lot in the United States. Once they arrived they need a place to stay, but since the man did not have much money they had to live in tenements . The tenements were awful. As many as twelve families would live together in a single floor. They were often surrounded by trash which smell was almost unbearable. They were also near to the factories where many worked at. In these factories, the working conditions were just horrible. In the book “ The Jungle, ” it described the horrible working conditions and showed that all the jobs in that factory could cause you your limbs or even your life. This lead to many workers to do strikes but were mostly taken down. This made them coming to the United States useless because they would have the same or worse life than they had in their
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