Industrial Training Objectives

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The purpose of the industrial training program is to provide exposure for the students on training in their related fields. Through this exposure, students will have better understanding of their field in general and sense of frequent and possible problems. This training is part of the learning process. So, the exposures that improve the knowledge, skills and experience of a student need to be properly recorded in the form of a report. Through this report, the experience gain can be delivered to their peers. A properly prepared report can facilitate the presentation of the training experience in an orderly, precise and interesting manner.

The purpose of the final report is put down in writing the record of the training experience and means
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So, I need to correct it and did it again. It was very take times and makes me feel frustrated because I cannot perform my tasks well. Seniors will explain to me what the problem is and how to solve it. They will give time to me to do correction and also encourage me to not to be feel frustrated. Sometimes, I feel confusion when I loss the direction on how to perform my tasks. So, I will rethink the knowledge and skills that senior taught me before and ask their opinion. Otherwise, I realized that I need to be very being careful when I perform my tasks to avoid make same mistake again. I need also recheck the tasks I done before pass it to senior for…show more content…
But there are still a lot of improvement can apply to improve the industrial training program. Company can apply different methods of training to ensure the skills needed for various positions are instilled.

Communication training is one of the methods to improve the industrial training program. Communications training concentrates on the improvement of interpersonal communications skills, including writing, oral presentation, listening and reading. In order to be successful, any form of communications training should be focused on the basic improvement of skills. Otherwise, communication training can be taught separately or effectively integrated into other types of training.

Furthermore, job rotation can also used to improve the industrial training program. Through the job rotation, company can assigns trainees to various structures and departments. Sometimes, trainees are not aware of what would like to do until they have their hands on some specific tasks. If their job is rotated or they are exposed to different operations, they can identify what they are good at and what they enjoy doing. They can get a chance to explore their interests and hidden

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