Industrialism Effects On American Society Essay

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Industrialism had profound effects on American Society, Business Owners, Workers, Farmers, and Immigrants that reshaped American Society and were both positive and negative in nature. During this time, the economy increased dramatically and city populations increased. New forms of technology were created to help the american people progress and live more comfortably. People also became more involved during this age. Many people voted and voter participation increased during the rise of industrialism. The rise of Industrialism led to big businesses and a higher demand for consumer goods. The innovation of railroads, banking, steel, and oil led to economic growth. Andrew Carnegie is responsible for creating the largest steel company in America. To make sure everything went his way, he controlled the production and distribution of the steel by using vertical integration. John Morgan was a financier and banker who helped America grow financially. He also consolidated…show more content…
Many workers left farms to work in factories which provided them with a steady paycheck, but they were forced to work long hours in conditions that were unsafe. Jobs were also year round but workers did not have rights and could have been fired for anything without explanation. To fight back workers often went on strike and formed unions. Some unions formed were The Knights of Labor, the National Labor Union (NLU), and the American Federation of Labor (AFL). The Knights of Labor was the first large national union and they wanted all workers to come together and form labor management cooperative businesses. The National Labor Union went to the government seeking better working conditions for workers and the American Federation of Labor fought for better pay and shorter workdays. These unions did in fact provide workers with better workplace conditions, higher pay, and shorter
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