Industrialization Dbq Essay

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While some might argue that industrialization had primarily positive consequences for society because of new machines, it was actually a negative thing for society. Industrialization’s negative effects were child labor, disgusting living conditions, and hard, dangerous, filthy jobs for little pay. One of the negative effects of Industrialization was child labor. Many children worked during the Industrial Revolution because they needed to support their families. Lots of them started working very young. “C: What time did you begin work at the factory? B: When I was six years old” (Document 7). Starting work at that young of an age isn’t good. In modern time, a child would be starting school around six years old. When kids are young they need to develop their brains, not their working skills. Many of the working kids had lasting health issues because of working in the factories. “C: Do you know of anybody that has been similarly injured…show more content…
“C: Do you consider doffing a laborious employment? B: Yes”(Document 7). Doffing was the act of cleaning the bobbins. This generated a lot of lint in the air, giving the workers respiratory problems. This work was also very hard and could leave other permanent health problems. “C:What were your hours of labour in that mill? B: From 5 in the morning till 9 at night, when they were thronged.” (Document 7). The workers were forced to work irrational hours at the mills. 5-9 is 16 hours. 16 hours of very hard work under bad conditions. It wasn’t safe for the workers. “C:Where are you now? B: In the poorhouse.” (Document 7) After all that hard work, for years, some people just ended up in the poorhouses. The wages were very small. People could barely even support their families. It was very rough. Many peoples lives were ruined because of it. As you can see, bad working conditions were highly influential in the negative side of
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