Industrialization In East Asia Essay

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Industrialization in East Asia High demand for good quality resources that soared out made the industrialization in East Asia known to the world for its stellar growth. Many people from the West and further became aware of the competitiveness in the East Asia when it comes to the economy and much more to the high standards of living and manpower. After World War II, the economies in East Asia grew faster and these countries made its advancement and success known to the world. One of the countries in East Asia leading in terms of population and economic growth, China, became notable for its wide success all over the world. China’s rich, vast resources that were used to invent gunpowder, paper, printing, and the compass, which became known…show more content…
Manufacturing-led development has caused massive environmental problems in countries such as China and India. Particles in the air, known as aerosols, have been blamed for causing Beijing’s notorious smog. The minuscule particles generated by burning coal or oil are slowly changing the temperature and rain patterns of East Asia said Peking University scientist Lin Jintai, who co-led the study. Compared with greenhouse gasses, the culprit of global warming, aerosol particles remain in the atmosphere for a shorter period of time, and their climate effects are the strongest in the regions where they are emitted, the study said. Another of which is North Korea’s form of government which becomes a threat to the world. North Korea’s decades-old, totalitarian dictatorship made use of its authority in using technology for creating and testing of nuclear weapons, which will be used for protection against war instead of using it for its advancement. The form of government in North Korea forced its people to become more aware of their laws and rules rather than their needs. According to Park Yeon-mi, a North Korean defector and human rights activist who escaped North Korea, Park claimed that people in North Korea

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