Progressive Party Platform Vs New Nationalism Essay

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Following the first transcontinental railroad in 1869, the United States had an era of economic development in which the country rapidly transformed into an industrial nation by 1900. This era is referred to as the Gilded Age and during this time America had a significant increase in immigration, urbanization and most significantly industrialization and segregation. With this shift to industrialization, the country was in desperate need for vast numbers of workers to build and maintain these new industrial businesses, such as the newly formed transcontinental railroad, who could be paid a very low wage. Professional historians, James Henretta and David Brody, explain that women, immigrants and mainly children were used in these factories since they were willing to work and could be paid less (Henretta, Brody 505,506). As this economic boom progressed and the country had created an effective business model, the devastating conditions grew worse. The lack of a minimum wage, anti-child labor laws, and the enforcement of the…show more content…
Both sources share the same goal of improving the economy by implementing the attributes of a progressive. The ‘Progressive Party Platform’, used in the 1912 election, is simply stating their beliefs for the election; therefore, is unbiased. The ‘New Nationalism Speech’, is stating its beliefs in a persuasive manner in attempts to gain followers. In the speech, Roosevelt implied that it was Americas duty to protect the great country from falling apart after the Gilded Age in efforts to repay the Founding Fathers for their country (Roosevelt 1). Roosevelt used this persuasive tone throughout the speech in hopes that people would change their minds and help his cause. Since he may have been willing to say anything to gain followers for the Progressives, this source is
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