Effective Communication In Nursing: A Case Study

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Anna Vital (2013) explains that throughout the average person’s life, they will encounter and interact with 80,000 people. Whether these interactions be face to face and having a conversation, through written words in a text message or email, or simply smiling or nodding at somebody having a bad day. In these interactions, there is communication in all three mediums. Our spoken words, written statements, and gestures or body languages can reveal somebody’s personality and traits. In nursing, it is essential to be able to communicate vocally, written, and without even saying anything to the other. Hyo-Suk Song (2017) explains that, “Ineffective communication of critical care nurses can lead to higher levels of burnout and negatively affect…show more content…
The most important part of the job is the communication and connection between the patient and nurse. Often times people are not in the hospital for a positive reason. Patients desire comfort and respect with their encounters with any medical professional. Sitting down and intently listening can bring both of these aspects a patient is looking for. Alicia stated that, “everyone is going through something and it may not only be what the medical issue may be.” She insisted that it is too easy to be polite and take the time to listen to whatever they have to say. Alicia suggested that, “listening makes a person feel human” to show how important the other have of oral communication can be. However, she also emphasized, “to always attempt to avoid involving emotions between yourself and a patient.” Although so much of the communication in nursing is oral there is no way to be able to properly care for a patient without written…show more content…
The oral communication between nurses and their patients is the first step to properly care from somebody and then the information follows up a chain of command through oral and verbal communication and then is performed back down the chain it went up to return to the patient to receive the care that he needs. Every aspect of communication in nursing is essential whether it be listening or telling and writing or reading. Also, all members of the medical field from the start at the patient all the way to the radiologist who simply examines different tests and imaging medias must be able to effectively work and communicate together. The communication of the medical field as a whole is like a human body. It cannot function properly without a start somewhere and will fail if all the numerous parts do not function

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