Ineffective Leadership

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To identify effective and ineffective leader/ manager it is necessary to understand that there is first a difference in leadership vs management. Leadership stands for the leading / the leader which can appear in any setting and without any relevance of internal or external level. Simple anyone can be a leader under certain circumstances. Management, on the other hand, is a position which is specific and focused on following a certain goal setting in which the managing/organizing of work performance, workers, specific orders etc. is the goal and reason for such position and requested by a professional environment. Further to analyze and/or choose and justified a specific management/leader Communication Skills and Competencies Verbal communication…show more content…
This leadership form is minimalistic in the supervision of employees and/or the project itself. Further the usually periodically offered feedback to employees is not happening. This form of leadership is barely useful and just in situations in which employees are self-driven. Otherwise, it will hinder the production and employees need of supervision. As such a poor production, quality and as result increase in costs will be the result. Laissez-faire leadership will not be in any work environment successful in which workers depend on feedback and instruction to achieve a…show more content…
Nevertheless, Participative/ democratic leadership is, in my opinion, a great form of leadership. It not only includes workers with their opinions and gives importance to workers and the feeling of being of value to the company. It still provides structure and clarity based on the clear separation in final decisions by management. I believe that management and employees need to work as a team to be successful. As such manager should include employees in updates, information flow, even creation of workflow and goal setting. Nevertheless, the clear structure is what gives a strong structure to the whole. In this form of leadership, communication will happen in writing, verbal and nonverbal between management and employees. As such the benefit to all participants will be of high
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