Ineffective Maintenance Management In Malaysia

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Malaysia is one of the country that has rapid growth in economic over South East Asia. There are appealing and magnificent building had been built in our country. Some of them become the symbol of our country and able to attract the visitors from other country to visit our beloved country. For instance, two of the famous places, Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur ("Petronas Twin Towers | About", n.d.) and Komtar in Penang ("KOMTAR Penang - Mall with rooftop viewing deck in Georgetown", n.d.). Malaysia possesses first class infrastructure whereby physical infrastructure constitutes a high proportion of the country’s investment. These facilities which include different types buildings are therefore maintained in order that they able to serve…show more content…
Ineffective maintenance management is observed that there is a need to review and reassess the defection of building management policies with serious consideration for safety and security criteria. Hence, the solution to overcome this problem is government must organise a systematic and omnibearing policy with strategic management, facilities management and performance management are obviously available in the buildings. For instance, practising annual budget with good financial plan for unplanned maintenance and long-term planning for planned maintenance at all buildings. Hence, budget allocation is assigned smoothly and will not burthen the owner. Besides, awareness of building maintenance can be instilled and improved if some talks or campaigns are organized by government or private sector. Talks are presented by constructors or professionals in built environment who are very experience in building maintenance so that the public can realise the importance to maintain the building. They play role to instil the correct preservative method in building…show more content…
Besides theory must be thoroughly learnt by the personnel, practical opportunity also essential to the personnel so that they have more experience in the building maintenance aspect. Effective maintenance planning and programming should be performed to ensure the job is carried out in the manner intended and minimize to forget some particular things. With effective planning, severity of wear and deterioration before repairing or repainting are clearly defined ("The Impact Of Maintenance Of Buildings And Infrastructural Facilities To The National Economy (A case study of Shell Camp Housing Estate, Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria)", n.d.). In brief, issues and challenges rise during building maintenance can be prevented by taking the proper

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